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19 Aug

Same stuff, different URL!

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My second weekly installment of interesting recipes found while browsing, book marked here so I will be able to find them later.

This is sort of a grain-free edition, as I’ve been considering going completely grain-free for the month of September. I’ve gone gluten/wheat free before, so it won’t be too much of a shock to my normal eating habits – however granola (normally consisting of something similar to the recipe I posted a few weeks ago) is a daily staple for me and I’ve been scouting out some alternatives.

However, first things first, and it’s time for some Jam:

  • Caramel Apple Jam – I have a large number of frozen, whole apples that I need to use before fall (when I will undoubtedly acquire more apples, of course).These are from an apple picking excursion last October. Once frozen, apples aren’t good for much more than cooking with and I’ve been planning to make a jam for months, just needed to find the right recipe. This may just be the one, minus the nutmeg (the most evil of all spices, in my opinion) and most likely with the addition of 4-5 other spices, since I never leave well enough alone with it comes to fall/winter spices. I will also reduce the amount of sugar used… and just use brown sugar and/or raw sugar.
  • Grain-free Granola – A very simple and basic recipe, but it introduced me to the idea of “sprouted and dehydrated sunflower seeds” – which I’ve never tried or even seen anywhere.
  • Girl Gone Primal’s Nola – this recipe uses egg whites (prior to cooking), which I think could be potentially very satisfying in terms of texture. At least if egg whites react the same way on cooking nuts and seeds as they do on breads.
  • Another Grain-free Granola – This recipe has more sweetener in it than the others, but I do think the idea of adding a bit of butter is a good one. Butter really makes everything better!

I will probably use a bit of info from multiple recipes to come up with my own grain-free granola recipe… I will certainly post it when I’ve got a successful recipe.


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