Foodie Plans – Non-foodie Plans

6 Aug

Same stuff, different URL!

I have moved to:


I’ve got some fun foodie plans in the works that should make for interesting blog posts. Also I’m hoping my fellow cheese-nerd friend Chris will contribute a guest post in the next few weeks (with pictures!) about his second foray into making cheese at home!

For my slate this weekend (or as soon as possible):

  • Making a large amount of homemade butter, mainly so I can then use the left over buttermilk to make a form of buttermilk cheese that (according to the recipe) you cannot find in stores. Buttermilk leftover from the process of making butter is quite different than the cultured buttermilk you can buy in stores. Unique cheese no one else has ever had? Sign me up! I will definitely post about this entire process. I’m very excited.
  • Flavored Simple Syrup – I love simple syrups. They are easy and very useful – I’ve run out of the brown sugar, cardamom, ginger simple syrup I’ve been using in iced coffee over the summer, so something similar is on my plate for Saturday… though I’m going to experiment with cinnamon instead of ginger this time. I’m thinking fall flavors here!
  • Greek frozen yogurt – I’m planning to kind of wing it when it comes to the recipe, but I’ll loosely follow David Lebovitz’s recipe (as posted on the website I linked to – but it’s available in the ice cream book he published a few years ago that I should really get around to buying!
  • Homemade granola – I have granola on a daily basis and I’d like to make my own to see if it can help me save money (tasty, HEALTHY, granola is expensive!). I’m thinking of attempting the recipe from Baked: New Frontiers in Baking, with a few changes of my own. I’m going to stick with pecans and dried cranberries as far as nut/extra additions go, and I want to try and lower the oil and sugar amounts. If anyone has any great granola recipes I’d love it if you’d share them!

In other non-food news, I’ve been doing a lot of running with Ruby lately (gotta burn off all that cheese and bread). As a result  she’s is becoming a much better running partner. It’s not that she doesn’t want or like to run, believe me she does! It’s that she’s a hound-dog and scents come before anything else for her – so if she catches a scent that she can’t resist it causes my pace to falter. I’m also not really training for anything and not worrying about pace lately, but it’s still nice that she has gotten better at recognizing my “we’re running!” command, so she stops what she is sniffing and runs on. Unless she sees a squirrel or bunny. Then all bets are off.

Another, slightly hilarious, issue we’ve faced is that sometimes she cuts right in front of me. Normally she is on my left when we walk or run. Yet every once in a while, she sees or smells something on the right that is so strong that it over comes her training. I’m sure you can imagine the scene it makes when a clumsy tall girl trips over her own dog. We’re working on this one! It’s so sporadic it’s hard to actually come up with a training plan for it.

Anyway, due to the nice weather forecast for Saturday, I’m planning a nice long run for Rubes and I. Not sure where we’re going to go – there are a few options, but a trail run at the Hopkinton Reservoir is at the top of the list. The only downside there is that, though there are leash laws, most people keep their (uncontrolled) dogs off leash. Ruby is a good girl and is a PEOPLE dog. She loves people and is very social. She does not like meeting other dogs when she’s on-leash though. I keep her away from other leashed dogs – but when a dog is off-leash and the owner is either not paying attention OR (most likely) really has no verbal control over their dog, it makes it very hard. Just because you are calling your dog and saying things to me like “sorry! she just wants to play!” does not make it ok that you cannot control your dog!


2 Responses to “Foodie Plans – Non-foodie Plans”

  1. tatuajeblack August 6, 2010 at 12:28 pm #

    The pressure is on now. Thanks, Heather!

  2. Harvette August 6, 2010 at 1:44 pm #

    Oh no problem 😉

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