It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

24 Jul

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It was dark and stormy last night as Jon and I made our way into Worcester to the Armsby Abbey. Once there, we met up with many wonderful friends for birthday drinks and food. Appropriately, I ordered a Dark and Stormy to drink – their version of the drink was spicy, sweet and very strong.

Armsby has a comfortable atmosphere that includes a dark ambiance – hence my iPhone photos didn’t turn out too well. I wish I had gotten a better shot of the incredibly tasty pizza I had for dinner, named Berberian Fields for the bounty of veggies grown by the farm of the same name. Here is the description from their website: “Fresh picked Sweet Corn, Cousa Squash & Basil all from Berberian Farm (Northboro, MA) with Gruyere and a finish of Roasted Red Pepper puree.” This is a pizza I hope to recreate, at least partially, at home sometime soon.

I was pleasantly surprised and happy with the number of people that made it out to celebrate with us. I feel lucky to know so many interesting and awesome people. We even got some surprise gifts that I wasn’t expecting at all. Some a little silly, some very special (such as the molasses cookies from Jess, which I’m enjoying as I write this entry!) and one that is very appropriate to go into gushing detail about on this blog!

Check out this baby, which the fabulous Stephanie gifted to me since she knows I am seriously into bread baking.

I have never heard of this nor seen one anywhere, but leave it to Steph to find vintage pyrex that is perfect for me! I love baking bread (I love eating it too, obviously) and I also love trying new crazy methods when it comes to making, well, anything. This is definitely crazy. It’s a circular glass tube that you bake bread in. I’ve already got it opened, cleaned up and dough is rising in it as I type. I will certainly be updating with a full blog post about the process and the bread. I am very much looking forward to the novelty of a perfectly tube shaped loaf of bread!


One Response to “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night”

  1. Stephanie August 8, 2010 at 8:25 pm #

    I’m so fabulous that I only today got around to reading your blog; hey at least I eventually redeem myself.

    And poo-poo on tastespotting, your bake a round shots were awesome! =)

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