MORE Chicken?!

23 Jul

Same stuff, different URL!

I have moved to:


Despite what it might look like on this blog, we don’t have chicken everyday of our lives around here! I happened to get a great deal on organic boneless, skinless breasts at Whole Foods on Monday, so I’ve been making the most of it. I actually prefer to not cook meat, basically ever, because it’s just such a pain. You have to be really careful and honestly, raw meat kind of grosses me out.

That said, I do enjoy boneless, skinless chicken breasts because they are just so darn versatile. For lunch I used the leftover shredded chicken from last night and made chicken salad. I chopped up baby carrots and celery, then poured over a dressing consisting of 2% greek yogurt, a splash of 1% milk, a tiny splash of apple cider vinegar, shallot salt (because I didn’t have any red onion to add, that would  have been perfect), black and cayenne peppers. I let it refrigerate about a half hour before serving it to uh… myself with a side of the tastiest multi-grain chips ever and some sliced very ripe tomatoes.

I’m trying to keep it a bit light today, in preparation for the indulgence that will surely come this evening. We are going to Armsby Abbey for dinner and drinks with friends – a very informal celebration of both my and Jon’s birthdays (which are next week). I fully intend on sampling beer and enjoying incredible cheeses, potentially a pizza or some other food made with locally sourced ingredients. I can’t wait to see our friends and have some incredible food!


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