A KIND Coffee Break

23 Jul

Same stuff, different URL!

I have moved to: harvette.com


One of my favorite mid-morning breakfasts is coffee and a muffin. Since making the choice to TRY to be wheat-free (it’s very hard, I admit to giving in more than I should lately!) that favorite snack has gone right out the window. I haven’t experimented much with wheat-free  muffins or quick breads, though I think they can be done and would probably be fairly enjoyable… but one of the reasons for my desire to be wheat-free is to not eat things I don’t need, such as muffins and quick breads, and instead healthy foods. That said, I’ve been craving the fab coffee+muffin combo since Robyn posted about her incredible morning glory muffins a few days ago!

In comes my beloved KIND bar. I enjoyed one with a cafe misto this morning – the coffee made with 1% milk and touch of my homemade cardamom simple syrup. Not quite the same, but the sweetness of the bar I enjoyed matched the coffee perfectly. KIND bars are a huge lifesaver when it comes to fast, healthy, wheat-free snacks. There are a ton of great flavors and they do not, like other wheat-free energy bars, rely on dates for their sweetness and to hold everything together. Dates are healthy, no doubt, I just do not enjoy the taste of them at all. I’ve tried, don’t get me wrong!

This morning I had the “Almond Walnut Macadamia + Protein” which is one of my favorites, followed closely by the “Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants”. They are expensive, but so worth it!


2 Responses to “A KIND Coffee Break”

  1. Frugal 'n' Fit! July 23, 2010 at 10:25 am #

    Yum!!! And thanks for the shout out. And why didn’t I know about your blog? I am going to add it to my Google Reader!

    • Harvette July 23, 2010 at 10:26 am #

      I just started the blog this week, your blog was part of my inspiration! I haven’t really pimped it out much yet cause I wanted to get it looking nice before doing so. 😉

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