Broiled Chicken

22 Jul

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broiledIt is cool with low humidity tonight, so I tried a new method of cooking chicken: broiling. We’ve always just stuck to grilling, when it’s too hot to even turn on the oven inside, or baking when we do cook it inside. Baked chicken normally disappoints and also takes too long for this impatient cook, hence my desire to find an alternative method too cook chicken inside.

So, tonight I marinated two chicken breasts much in the way that I did on Tuesday night – limeade, 1 clove of minced garlic, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, black pepper and a pinch of kosher salt. I remembered to tenderize them first, this made a huge difference.

Then I started the broiler heating, with my trusty cast iron pan on the rack about five inches below the heat. I let that pre-heat for a good 15 minutes and then plopped the marinated chicken breasts onto the pan and let them cook for 10 minutes.

It turned out very good: moist and flavorful. The marinade in the pan caramelized and what didn’t burn onto the pan was quite tasty. Next time I will add a bit more of the marinade so that there is more left over after cooking.

chicken sandwichThe chicken was so moist that it shredded easily. This gave me the idea of shredded chicken sandwiches. We put the shredded chicken on whole wheat buns topped with havarti cheese (cheddar would have been tastier here!) and crunchy pieces of lettuce. Tasty, fairly healthy and quick – just how I like my dinner to be!


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