A Sweet… Potato Run

21 Jul

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Tonight I went for a great run with Ruby. It wasn’t great because I reached any new distances or a faster pace, nothing like that, but because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was so humid out that I felt like, at any moment, I might need to switch from a run to a breast stroke or free style… but not quite too hot. It smelled amazing – that humid-air smell I only associate with New England right before a summer thunderstorm. Plus the smell of wild grapes, which are all over this area, a smell I always love. The sky was dark and there was thunder for the entire three miles. Ruby would look behind her at every loud thunder clap, run a little faster, and I’d run a little faster too. We made it home before the rain though!

After a number of frustrating months of knee pain, I’ve reached a good place with running. Mainly it’s this realization: stop trying so hard. I wanted to run half-marathons! By October! Because I COULD! I’ve realized though, maybe I can’t, and that’s definitely ok. It is better to just run, enjoy it, be pain free, than to continuously try to push myself to new distances with every single run. It’s better to go slow, stretch, increase by small amounts and run for the pure enjoyment of it, than to run a half-marathon by October. I’d rather take two years to train for a half-marathon, or never train, just take each run as it comes and run until I need to stop.

Later Jon and I went over to the Trackside Grill for dinner. Just a little local place, but they’ve got some of the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had! I went through most of my life believing that I didn’t like sweet potato fries at all: that they were among the biggest culinary disappointments in life – soggy, sweet, oily messes that weren’t worth the calories they were made of.

Then I had the sweet potato fries at a restaurant in Providence last winter (one I can’t remember the name of and that I’m too lazy to try and google) and they were incredible. Definitely some of the best fries ever – they opened my eyes to trying sweet potato fries at other places and I’m glad to have a place less than 2 miles from my house so that I can indulge in sweet potato goodness whenever I want to!


One Response to “A Sweet… Potato Run”

  1. iMIXT8PE July 23, 2010 at 2:21 pm #

    I like the cut of those fries

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